Buying A Cherry Picker For Sale? Make Sure You Know How To Work It First

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Cherry pickers can be used for a variety of uses, and many businesses are looking to buy or rent one. Sterling Access is home to a wide range of them, suited for any of your needs. However, before you buy a cherry picker for sale, you need to be aware of how to correctly operate one, as well as safety precautions you should take. This post will help first time users who are inexperienced in using this type of machinery.


The first step anyone should take before operating a cherry picker is to attend a class and acquire certification. If you’re renting one, having a certified person operate it for you is your best option. Once you’ve acquired your certification, you can begin operating it – making sure you don’t forget the basics of operation.

Operational Basics

Once you’re on the cherry picker, attach your full-body harness to the hook allocated for the safety harness, switch on the machine, and make sure everything’s in working order.

To drive the machine, step on the pedal and use the drive-joystick to either go forward or backward, you can also steer the wheels with the drive-joystick.

Don’t Forget

Moving slowly is important, especially if you are inexperienced as accidents happen quickly. The most common accidents are crushing as inexperienced operators do not observe their environment efficiently.

It’s important to stay hooked to the cherry picker the entire time it’s in use. Only when the arm has been lowered, and the cherry picker is stationary should you unhook and dismount.


As mentioned above, a full body harness is a must to prevent anyone from falling off the cherry picker. These harnesses should be tested frequently to ensure they perform properly. A hard hat is needed if you’re working on a construction site or somewhere similar, and boots or shoes with anti-slip soles will prevent any missteps.

The safety precautions taken when buying a cherry picker for sale are important to note. Hiring professional help will ensure that the above precautions are always observed.

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