Articulating Booms For Challenging Project Scenarios

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In the access equipment world, electric articulating boom lifts are the best option for attempting to work in challenging project scenarios. These mobile elevating work platforms are extremely versatile and provide a series of unique advantages over other types of manlifts or cherry pickers.

Superior Reach and Versatility

Here at Sterling Access, we have a range of articulating booms, with the largest capable of reaching heights of up to 39.5 m. This enables them to reach exceptionally high working areas. They can also reach areas that are in awkward positions because of the numerous hinged sections that provide articulation and reach over obstacles.

The articulating boom option is best wherever you have a project that requires difficult, complicated access with lots of obstacles to get around. It can reach over a variety of obstacles, including machinery, buildings, ditches, and more, giving users unmatched access in difficult situations.

Highly Precise Precision and Capability

The multi-jointed design of an articulated boom lift allows it to be positioned much more precisely than other types of access equipment. This ensures that workers can access hard-to-reach areas while maintaining their safety and ensuring maximum stability. Safety is critical when working at height, and the added peace of mind will allow workers to focus on carrying out their tasks with greater accuracy and focus.

Capable of Providing Access on Uneven Terrain

Some challenging projects involve uneven terrain with sloped surfaces. Articulating booms can provide superior stability on such surfaces, owing to their ability to position the platform to compensate for uneven ground conditions. This makes them highly flexible and capable of operating in a variety of challenging scenarios. Their adaptability makes them highly valuable for a wide range of projects.

Increased Horizontal Reach

Many other kinds of access equipment can only reach upwards or at a diagonal. However, with articulating booms, you are able to achieve impressive horizontal reach as well. The outreach capabilities of articulating booms allow them to extend over significant distances, making them the preferred option when there are tasks that require reaching across a wide area without the need to frequently reposition the equipment.

Superior Manoeuvrability

The superior manoeuvrability of articulating boom lifts makes them an excellent option for operating in tight spaces. It allows them to navigate between aisles, around corners, and into various confined areas. If you need to carry out a project in a congested or tightly packed space, then an articulating boom lift is your go-to choice, as it can swing, pivot and reposition without needing much space to do so.

If you are looking to purchase or hire electric articulating boom lifts, contact us at Sterling Access today. We have a wide range available to suit your project needs!