The Accessibility And Ingenuity Of Push-Around Lifts

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With their ingenuity and ease of use, aerial work platforms, have become the method of choice in various industries for working at a height. Being a safe, affordable and easy-to-use piece of equipment, they are the ideal alternative to other traditional methods. If you need to hire lift equipment in Mpumalanga, this article from Sterling Access will provide you with all you need to know about the suitability of push-around lifts.

What Is A Push-Around Vertical Lift?

A push-around vertical lift is a compact access platform which is operated by a single person and can be easily moved, or pushed, into the places where access is required. Being lightweight and highly versatile, this kind of lift equipment can be used in almost any environment and for multiple applications.

Benefits of Push-Around Lift Equipment

1. Easy To Manoeuvre

The operator is able to easily manoeuvre and set up the lift, gaining elevation within mere minutes and completing any given task safely and efficiently. If your operation requires a simple solution to work at a height, whether indoors or outdoors, residential or industrial, a push-around lift is an excellent solution.

2. Restricted Accessibility

Push-around lift equipment allows for accessibility in areas restricted by doorways or corners and even in public access environments. In such spaces, safety is essential and in this aspect push-around lifts are far superior to steps, ladders or scaffolding.

3. Works With Specialised Surfaces

Push-around lifts truly show their value when working on specialised surfaces. Their light weight makes them perfectly suited to flooring with load limitations, such as indoor sports arenas or halls. The tyres will not mark or damage the floor surface.

4. Emission Free

A further benefit, particularly to working indoors, is that the lifts are either battery-powered or completely manually operated. Operating the lift is therefore not only quiet, but emission free as well.

Types of Push-Around Lift Equipment

Sterling Access in Mpumalanga has lift equipment for hire suitable for different applications such as the following:

Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts will use either battery or electrical power for the elevation, with the operator pushing the machine into the work areas. Suitable for maintenance work, overhead services and in warehouse operations.

Vertical Mast Lifts

Lightweight and compact, vertical masts are perfect for smaller spaces, or areas with sensitive flooring. This equipment will often be used in retail, libraries, storage facilities and the like.

Non-Powered lifts

With no power supply or battery pack to add to their weight, non-powered lifts are the lightest option for lifting equipment and work well in circumstances where no power source is available. This lift will be operated in full by the person manning the machine.

For further information and to view a catalogue of lift equipment available for hire, contact our knowledgeable team at Sterling Access in Mpumalanga.

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