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If you are a business owner looking into access sale in Mpumalanga and deciding whether or not you want to commit to a purchase of access equipment, we at Sterling Access have some comparison tips to assist you in making the decision that is best for you and your business.

Access Sale Vs Hire - Mpumalanga

When looking into access sale in Mpumalanga you will notice that there is an extensive array of new as well as used access sale options. This accompanied with great, tailored and cost-efficient payment methods and options, leaves many of us wondering why access sales is not more popular in the construction and industrial sectors – with rental taking popularity. Keep in mind that when you purchase access equipment from an accredited new and used machinery sales company like Sterling Access, as opposed to a private seller, you will gain full access to the machine’s full technical and product data history and customer/technical support for any issues you may incur after purchase – however, with Sterling Access you won’t find yourself knee deep in issues.

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Rental Options With Sterling Access

When you go to a service provider to assist you with access equipment rental, you will notice that the range of machinery available is often more comprehensive than those available for purchase. And that is true for Sterling Access.

  • Vast Collection of Machinery

Most rental companies aim to boast a vast collection of machinery available for rental as to keep up with competitors. This means that if you cannot find the machinery you desire for sale, you will probably find it under the rental section. However, at Sterling Access we’re never short in our machinery collections – whether for sale or rental.

  • Choosing Between Renting or Buying

Rental options at Sterling Access expand your access to a variety of machinery options due to our vast array of company partnerships that allow us to outsource even more options for machinery rental should we not have in stock at that very moment. Furthermore, access equipment rental is as just as advantageous, if not more so than access equipment sales. The benefits of access rentals range from financial flexibility (in the form of choices between short-term and long-term rentals, access to newest and most advanced industry technologies to machine warranties and ongoing machine maintenance support.

Either way, if you choose the right access rental company and access sale in Mpumalanga, whether you opt for access sales over access rentals or visa-versa, your company will benefit immensely. If you are looking for an experienced, reliable access equipment sales and rental partner to join you on your business’s journey, contact us at Sterling Access in Mpumalanga today at +27 72 719 3451. Sterling Access – where reliability and quality meet cost-efficiency.


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