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The economic outlook for industry in South Africa is improving.

Platform heights, capacity and electric or diesel options need to be weighed against your needs. Sterling Access has a range of access equipment for sale in Rustenburg.

It’s been a tough few years for industry in South Africa, but economists are looking forward to a new dawn, with the introduction of new legislation that aims to foster the country’s massive growth potential. Local business can benefit from greater volumes of new fixed-capital investment.

The time is right to cherry-pick your lifting equipment to maximize your productivity. Purchasing equipment is a smart investment, and having the right access for the right job could be exactly the game-changer you need to reach for more success.

Access Equipment for Sale

Scissor Lifts provide a strong and reliable foundation to move workers vertically from one elevated position to another. Electricity-powered scissor lifts are great for indoor use, while diesel-powered ones may be better for the outdoors and rough terrain.

Sterling Access offers a reliable range with reaches varying from 6.27m through to 16m and many options in between.

Articulating Boom Lifts may be the ideal solution if you need to work over obstacles and barriers. They’re great for tight access and hard-to-reach areas.

The Sterling Access range is load-tested and each height is available in electric or diesel options. Heights range from 9.68m through to 39.5m.

Telescopic Booms look like telehandlers, but their extending arms can reach out and up if you need to work at a remove. They’re perfect for horizontal distances.

The telescopic boom range for sale from Sterling Access extends from a 12m reach through to an impressive 40.2m.

When choosing access for sale in Rustenburg for your industrial projects, the sky is not the limit with Sterling Access. We have a wide range of lifting equipment for sale. Let us help you cherry pick the right solution for your needs.