Access Equipment Suppliers Explain the Benefits of Using MEWPs in Emergency Rescues

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The story of a cat that gets stuck in a tree, needing rescuing is one that most of us have read about, heard, and seen in popular culture for decades. It may seem a little far-fetched, but you’d be surprised to learn how easy it is to find yourself in such a bind. Every day, fire departments all over the world rescue thousands of people from burning buildings and wuthering heights. As access equipment suppliers, we sometimes play a crucial role in these rescues, because we provide them with the MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) that they use for the project. This blog discusses the benefits of using such access equipment in emergencies.

There are Different Types of MEWPs on the Market

The two main categories of MEWPS are boom lifts, also called cherry pickers, and scissor lifts. The main difference between these is their use of different mechanisms for up and down motion, which affects the heights they can reach. Boom lifts reach height ranges between 3.6m and 10m, while scissor lifts can go from 7.8m to nearly 48m. This ability is a major deciding factor when emergency services buy or rent access equipment.

Emergency MEWP Benefit #1: They Reach the Required Height Effortlessly

The primary benefit of access equipment is that it allows rescuers to reach people in danger at great heights without having to physically climb up to the required location. Obviously this feature lowers the risk of additional injuries, and quickens the process.

Emergency MEWP Benefit #2: They Can Carry Large Loads, Making them Efficient

If there are many people who need saving at the same time, access equipment has the capacity to take more people than an individual emergency official would be able to on their own. This is essential in an urgent situation because every second matters.

Emergency MEWP Benefit #3: They Come With Safety Gear that Protects Everyone Involved

The most important thing in any emergency situation is that rescued individuals and emergency workers are at all times secured with harnesses. Not only does this ensure safe delivery and execution of the task, but it also means that a dangerous situation doesn’t become more dangerous during the rescue.

Sometimes it’s a life or death situation, such as flames that have engulfed a building. Perhaps the people you’re rescuing have no other way out of a high storey building. No matter the specifics, in any emergency, time is of the essence, so an emergency official’s climbing speed and physical strength might not cut it. With help from access equipment suppliers, you have a better chance of saving more lives in less time. Chat with us today about hiring or purchasing access equipment.

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