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Access Equipment For Hire

There are certain jobs where only specialised equipment can solve the problem. This is especially true when it comes to MEWPs and highly elevated or difficult-to-reach working areas. While these machines play an essential part in successfully completing projects, they are costly to buy and it may not be within the budget of many companies to employ a fleet of these vehicles to meet all of their various needs. Fortunately, the option of access equipment for hire exists, to ease the financial burden of growing companies while facilitating their specific needs. Here are a few key reasons why it’s wiser to rent until your company has expanded enough to consider the commitment of buying.

You Can Safely Use Access Equipment Without Committing

The range of MEWPS and access equipment for hire is vast and each model, along with its own special customisation options, serves a different and unique purpose. If you’re not yet familiar with these types of machinery, it will take some trial and error to find the best solutions for what your company needs. Thankfully, when opting to rent, you’ll get to have all the trial and none of the error of finding that the lifting equipment you bought turns out to be the wrong choice. Renting gives you all the time and freedom to explore what works best for you by switching between various models and types as needed.

Access Equipment Will Reduce Your Overheads

Not only is it more affordable to rent instead of buying, but you’ll also not be burdened by all the extra costs involved with owning heavy machinery. These include insurance, servicing and repair expenses, as the hiring company takes care of all of that – you only need to pay the rental cost and reap the benefits of a perfectly maintained MEWP.

You’ll Get Expert Advice About The Best Access Equipment At Sterling Access

With a reputable rental supplier like Sterling Access, you’ll have an entire team of experts at your disposal to assist with finding the best solution for your needs. Not only that, but assistance is only a phone call away if you need guidance with the operation of our machinery. Customer service and satisfaction is of paramount importance with all of our access equipment for hire.