6 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Lifting Equipment Hire

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Here at Sterling Access, we have a wide variety of access equipment for hire and sale available, ranging from vertical masts to push arounds, scissor lifts, articulating booms, telescopic booms, and trailer-mounted booms. We also offer telehandlers, if that is something that our clients require.

Are you looking for cherry picker hire? There are a number of factors that can influence how much it will cost. Here are 6 factors that influence how much a cherry picker might cost to hire so that you can make more informed decisions.

1) The Project Duration

Naturally, the longer you need to keep a hired piece of equipment, the more you will end up paying. However, it should be noted that shorter hire periods usually cost more per day, whereas longer hire periods cost less per day. To get an accurate quote, ensure that you have a clear idea of how long you will need the equipment.

2) The Type of Equipment

Different pieces of equipment might cost different amounts to hire. Not all cherry pickers are alike. As mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of access equipment types, which might cost more or less depending on the class of machine.

3) The Make and Model

Here at Sterling Access, we provide Haulotte brand access equipment, which is one of the most renowned cherry picker brands in the world. However, other equipment hire companies might offer other brands, and the make of the equipment could have an impact on the rental price.

Although we only supply Haulotte brand equipment, we do have a wide range of models available in each class, which can have an impact on the hiring price. Ensure that the model you hire adheres to the requirements of the project at hand.

4) The Location

The geographical location can have a significant impact on the rental cost. This is attributed to factors such as transportation fees as well as potential demand in the local area for the equipment that you require.

Some areas might have higher demand, which might lead to higher equipment rental rates. However, remote areas with no demand might also negatively impact the cost due to the need to transport the equipment over long distances.

5) The Servicing and Maintenance Requirements

Depending on the length of your rental, equipment maintenance and servicing could play a significant role in the cost of hiring. For customers who rent equipment over long periods, maintenance and repairs might play a larger role than for customers who use the equipment for shorter periods.

Make sure you understand any potential additional costs relating to maintenance, servicing, and repairs before hiring. Things such as fuel, lubrication, inspections, and replacement of parts are all factored in when hiring equipment. Usually, these things are factored into the rental agreement, although it is important that you clarify this upfront.

6) The Rental Company

The rental company you choose to hire equipment from will play a large role in determining the rental price. Different companies might charge different fees for the same equipment, and the reasons for this could vary.

Therefore, assess the company on other factors, such as service level and reliability. It’s important to know that the cheapest option is not always necessarily the best one, so it is important that you weigh up the price versus the product’s quality and the quality of service to ensure that you get the best results.

If you are looking for a cherry picker hire company that supplies high-quality equipment, then contact us at Sterling Access today. We have what you’re looking for at competitive prices!