6 Advantages of Push Around Lifts

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Versions of modern push around lifts have been around for decades and these lifts have various
uses across a diverse range of industries. As experts in push around lift rental in South Africa, Sterling Access is familiar with the many benefits associated with these dependable and versatile lifts.

Ideal for Indoor Use

One of the main reasons as to why push around lifts are so popular is because they are ideal for indoor use thanks to their light weights and their non-marking tyres. There are also stabilisers that protect the floor.

Minimal Maintenance

Whether you’re interested buying a push around of your own or you’d prefer a push around rental, it is still good to know that these lifts require very little maintenance and are known for being durable and long-lasting.

Range of Applications

There are a wide range of applications that push around lifts can be used for. Popular applications include overhead maintenance, packing, cleaning, and hanging signs among other uses.

Easily Transportable

Getting your push around from place to place could not be easier. These lifts can be moved manually, or they can be easily towed by a bakkie or trailer, making these lifts a convenient rental option.

Quick Set Up

Push arounds offer you massive time-saving benefits as these lifts can be set up in a matter of minutes by one person. Unlike some other lifting options, push arounds are also very simple and straightforward to setup and there are no complex instructions or tricky processes to navigate.

Range of Models

When it comes to push around lift rental in South Africa, your best bet is the Quick Up range of Push Arounds from Sterling Access. These push arounds can in a variety of models and offer a range of access heights.

Are you looking for push around lift rental options in South Africa? Here at Sterling Access, we have an extensive range of push arounds for you to choose from, and we also offer push arounds for sale. Take the time to check out our vast selection online, or contact us if you have any questions.