5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Lifting Equipment to Hire for Your Needs

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How many construction sites do you walk or drive past daily? Or window cleaners suspended along high rise buildings? These images are so familiar that many of us never think twice about what goes into keeping those activities safe and efficient. It comes down to three key elements: proper processes, skills training, and selecting the right machine for the job. As experts with top quality lifting equipment for hire, we decided to write this blog about how you can choose the best Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) for your work site.

#1 – Consider the Height That You’ll Need to Reach

Depending on the design, MEWPs can reach various heights. Ranges in the most popular types are as follows: scissor lifts range from 7,8m to 18,0m, articulating booms range from 10m to 43,15m, and telescopic boom lifts range from 15,45m to 47,7m. Figure out how high up you require to move loads, then choose a lift type that falls into that range.

#2 – Select a Machine That Can Carry the Type & Weight of the Load

It also depends on the type of cargo you’ll be lifting. Consult with an expert on which type of lifting equipment is ideal for you in terms of mass and material of the load.

#3 – Think About the Type of Terrain That the MEWP Will be Used On

Flat, rocky, slippery, or steep? Whatever the ground setting is, you must choose lifting equipment that can move and stay balanced on it. Get something that’s designed to withstand the elements and work effortlessly in the environment where your worksite is located.

#4 – Account for Maintenance Within the Time Frame That You’ll Require the Equipment

Find out if the company you’ll be hiring from provides maintenance and repairs with their service. This eliminates the frustration of being left stranded if something goes wrong and the machine is damaged while you work.

#5 – Compare Quotes & Examine the Value for Money on Each Offer

Last, but definitely not least, is the budget. Request for quotes and ask for detailed explanations of what each offer includes. You’ll be able to select the best value for money deal, considering what you require.

It’s all about anticipating what exactly your needs will be and identifying the machine that will best serve them. Pay attention to all these elements, and you can make the best lifting equipment hire choice that fits into your project perfectly. For more information get in touch with Sterling Access today!

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